Kinetic Phosphorescence Analyzers for trace level detection of Uranium & Lanthanides

Who are we?

Chemchek Instruments, Inc.™ supports worldwide environmental health and safety through kinetic phosphorescence technology. We provide analytical instruments with simply better trace level detection and excellent customer support. For questions or comments, please contact us here. 


About Chemchek Instruments

Chemchek was founded in 1986 to commercialize kinetic phosphorescence/ luminescence technology for the analysis of heavy metals in complex samples. The company is located in one of the major research centers of the Pacific Northwest. KPA instruments have been installed in a broad range of national and international laboratories including:  government, university, public health, mining and industry. Chemchek’s systems are commonly found in regulated environments; labs routinely use the KPA-11 as the instrument of choice for ASTM method D 5174-91, which has also been approved by the USA National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (40 CFR Part 141, sec. 141.25). Numerous scientific papers have been published in respected journals such as Analytical Chemistry and American Laboratory, detailing KPA technology and its uranium and lanthanide applications. Our extensive online bibliography offers numerous links to articles and papers.


About Kinetic Phosphorescence Analysis (KPA)

KPA is based on the measurement of a sample’s phosphorescence taken at selected time intervals to determine the precise concentration of the analyte. Superb selectivity is achieved by use of three parameters:

Excitation Wavelength
Emission Wavelength
Decay Time

KPA measures phosphorescence as a function of time and relates it to the concentration of the analyte. Since phosphorescence is a first order kinetic process, it is a simple matter to relate the signal to the concentration of the analyte by selecting the appropriate time domain.



Founder Allan G. Miller, Ph.D. Analytical KPA - Kinetic Phosphorescence Analyzers for trace level detection of Uranium & LanthanidesChemist, incorporated Chemchek Instruments, Inc. in 1986 to commercialize a trace uranium analyzer. Chemchek's capable staff continue to expand on Dr. Miller's legacy of high quality analytical instrumentation and excellent customer support. The Chemchek Kinetic Phosphorescence Analyzer (KPA) has evolved into multiple instrument models. It has multi-element analysis capabilities. The KPA has gained a well-deserved reputation as the analytical method of choice for uranium analysis. All Chemchek KPA instruments are manufactured in Richland, Washington, USA.