Kinetic Phosphorescence Analyzers for trace level detection of Uranium & Lanthanides
Applications of KPA Technology

Chemchek's Kinetic Phosphorescence Analyzer (KPA) is the superior analyzer for trace soluble Uranium. The KPA-11 instrument provides high levels of sensitivity, with detection limits in the parts-per-trillion range for water. Kinetic analysis of luminescence corrects results for matrix quenching; therefore, most real-world samples are analyzed directly. The instrument's speed, and selectivity, significantly reduce the amount of work and time to prepare and analyze samples. These characteristics make the KPA the instrument of choice for the routine analytical work performed in laboratories addressing uranium assay.

The KPA is used for assay of lanthanides as well.

    Environmental Health and Safety
Mining & Milling
Nuclear Cleanup -Fuels
Process monitoring
Drinking Water - Municipal, Bottled
Ground Water - Ponds, Rainfall runoff, Microbial, Seawater  
Depleted Uranium from weapons
Missile Proving Grounds
Gulf War
Kosovo War

Health Physics & Safety

Technical Application Briefs

The following are technical procedures for using the KPA to analyze specific kinds of samples. Vegetation, soil, urine, and seawater and just a few of the sample applications possible.

If you have a documented application of KPA technology, please let us know. You will be credited with any applications included on this page.