Kinetic Phosphorescence Analyzers for trace level detection of Uranium & Lanthanides



Preventive Maintenance Program                                       


Chemchek offers a comprehensive factory or on-site preventative maintenance program. The KPA is thoroughly inspected and cleaned. Optics are replaced, if necessary, and realigned. Other worn or damaged parts are replaced and note made of any potential future problems. The plasma cartridge is tested and replaced, if necessary.

Key Benefits:

  1.  KPA maintained in optimal condition 
  2. Detailed knowledge of KPA performance standards 
  3. Service history of each KPA 



1. Optimization of KPA
Chemchek's qualified technical staff inspects and optimizes each KPA. A thorough working knowledge of the KPA and its expected performance aids its technical staff in the optimization of each KPA

2. Knowledge of KPA
The comprehensive inspection and testing of the KPA not only locates any problems and corrects them, but also detects potential problems that the end-user may expect to encounter over the next year's time.  These are noted in a report for the end-user's  convenience. 

3. KPA Service History Maintained
Each KPA is tracked by its serial number over its long lifetime.  A complete record of all service performed on each KPA is maintained.

 Extended Warranty Program                                                    


Chemchek offers an extended warranty plan for KPAs currently under warranty or if desired, after having a complete preventative maintenance performed on the KPA. The extended warranty plan can be either on-site or at our factory.

Key Benefits

1. The KPA is maintained by qualified Chemchek technical staff.
2. Fast response time
3. Coverage includes non-consumable KPA parts, laser plasma cartridge, and labor.
KPA - Kinetic Phosphorescence Analyzers for trace level detection of Uranium & Lanthanides


1. KPA maintenance
Scheduled preventative maintenance service during the year insures that the KPA is maintained in optimal condition. Service history allows our technical staff to take into consideration each KPA and its individual idiosyncrasies.

2. Response time
On-site emergency calls generate a response time of less than two working days.

3. Parts covered
All non-consumable KPA parts are covered under the extended warranty. Our qualified technical staff can often recognize potential part failure and replace that part prior to failure saving potential down time and/or loss of data.

 Installation and Training                                                            


Chemchek offers installation and a brief user training for each KPA sold. A comprehensive two-day training seminar is given annually in  Richland, WA by our technical staff.

Key Benefits

1. Installation at site
2. User training at installation
3. Training seminar for new users and technicians


1. Installation of KPA
Chemchek will install any KPA and strongly recommends installation of the automatic option. Our technical staff will install, test, and optimize the operation of the KPA in its future working environment.

2. User training at installation
The new KPA user receives training prior to using the KPA for the first time thereby gaining an understanding of how the KPA operates.

3. Annual training seminar
Chemchek technical staff present information and conduct hands-on workshops to familiarize users and technicians with KPA operation.  Among the information covered is troubleshooting the instrument if a problem does occur.

Factory vs. On-Site Maintenance                                                             


  • Factory service provides laboratory conditions.
  • Consistencies in chemistry under controlled laboratory conditions provide reproducible standard analysis for all KPAs.
  • Factory service in production environment.
  • Capability to perform production standard diagnostics.


  • On-site time savings.
  • Down time is limited to actual service time only.
  • On-site provides actual working conditions.
  • KPA is optimized in its actual working environment.